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Meet the Cast

Christians have united from across metropolitan Atlanta to bring to life the Greatest Story Ever told in a Musical Play!

Amos B. Brown.jpg
Amos B. Brown
Pharisee #1

In all of my life's  accomplishments "To God Be the Glory"!

( Phil.4:19,20)!  Amos is a native Atlanatan, Elder/Bishop Bouldercrest C.O.C., Retired U.S.P.S., Tennessee State Alumni, USAF, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., and grandfather of two.

Jay Fuller.jpg
Jay Fuller
Pharisee #2

Jay is a father of  five and grandfather of two. I am blessed to be a small part of something so magnificent that brings to life the story of Christ. If my job is done well, Christ will be magnified and glorified!

Anthony C Wilson.heic
Anthony C. Wilson
Pharisee #3

Anthony is blessed to play Pharisee #3 for the second time in this production. This retired USAF Captain from Cleveland, OH is happy to tell Jesus’ story on stage. He’s thankful to be the husband and creative consultant to the director. Sheri, thank you for your patience, dedication, commitment, and passion to this project.

Lambert McGaughy, Sr..png
Lambert L. McGaughy, Sr.
Pharisee #4

Lambert, a retired USAF Master Sergeant hails from Denver, CO. He is the proud husband to Tonia for 32 years.  He's a father of four and grandfather of three. He loves the Bible, family, golf, acting, 49er’s, exercising, laughing, sunflower seeds, sherbet, chocolate cake, and helping those in need. 

He feels overwhelmingly blessed to be a part of this project and helping to spread the gospel.

Barbara McKeown.jpg
Barbara McKeown

Barbara McKeown, born in Michigan, retired from working with the 67th District Court and  moved to Georgia in 2008, has narrated performances for the Hillcrest Church of Christ Theatre Ministry, read poetry, short stories, and resolutions for other occasions. Her hobbies include Hillcrest Singers, reading, writing, traveling.

Tamika Major.png
Tamika Major

Tamika is an accomplished project manager, strategist, and visionary. Her work as a community engagement and outreach programs manager has demonstrated her dedication to making a positive impact. Tamika's work allows her to connect with diverse communities effectively. Outside of her career, she is a devoted wife and mother to two beautiful girls.

Arvelle L. Draper.jpeg
Arvelle L. Draper
John the Baptist

Arvelle’s passion for acting, accompanied with singing, writing, directing, producing , etc., has fueled  him to attract audiences that believe in change, awareness, and enlightenment, which are visualized through the eye-scope of the many characters he betrays. Arvelle is honored to play this role as it is indicative to his personality. 

Anthony K. Noel.HEIC
Anthony K. Noel

Anthony Noel, “Tony” is a Baltimore native. He was converted to Christ in 1986 and has been a faithful member of the Church of Christ. He and his wife Alicia, have two sons Malcolm and Justice, and has a daughter in law, Devan. This Georgia resident is “Pop-Pop” to their two grandchildren Rosa Salena 2, and Jayce Ali 1. He performed in “The Art of Influence: Interview with the Devil”, and the 2 previous productions of Scenes from the Life of Christ.

Harrel Thomas, Sr..jpg
Harrell Thomas, Sr.

Harrell is a man of God, husband of Belinda for 36 years, proud father of two sons, Harrell Jr. and Tre'. Full time consultant, part-time golfer, “I never thought I'd love being on stage in Acting-Butterfly productions. The theater is magic, there's magic in the theater!”

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., and grandfather of two.

Marcus Reams.jpg
Marcus Reams
Angel Xavier

Marcus is a dedicated church deacon committed to fostering spiritual growth and community outreach. With a heart for service, he diligently supports leadership, engages in technical support, and provides care to congregants. Rooted in faith, he strives to create an inclusive and nurturing environment for all seeking spiritual connection.

Paul Hubbard III.jpg
Paul Hubbard III
Angel Caspien

A Deacon at Bouldercrest, Paul has been married for 40 years, three children and one grandson. Paul sang in high school musical groups, including a barbershop quartet, and acted in two high school plays: “Man of La Mancha” and “The Sound of Music.” He enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, riding motorcycles and ping pong. Paul is a retirement advisor and President of NetNet Financial.

Deanna Pippen.jpg
Deanna Pippen
Samaritan Woman At the Well

Deanna has enjoyed performing for local audiences (religious and otherwise) over the past 20+ years.  The more challenging the better!  She especially enjoys performing in witty satires or productions highlighting real-life situations.  “There is healing power in the art of theater which allows individuals to reconnect to past/present experiences.”

Vanessa Page.JPG
Vanessa Page

Vanessa is a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and grandmother of 12.  She is a medical assistant for a doctor's office. She sings with the Stonecrest singers and works with the Food for the Soul ministry at the Stonecrest Church of Christ.

Lisa Taylor.JPG
Lisa Taylor

Lisa is a wife, mother, sister, aunt, and most importantly a Christian!  She enjoys theatre and has performed in multiple plays produced by Sheri Gilbert-Wilson. She loves bringing the WORD of GOD to life.

Stacy Toney.jpg
Stacy Toney
Mary Magdalene

Stacy has loved acting since elementary school, passionately bringing to life various characters. In her career, she works collaboratively to find cures and save the lives of those suffering from life-threatening blood diseases. Additional passions for her include: dance, bible study, public speaking, and hiking.

Tammy Anderson.jpg
Tammy Anderson
Mary, Mother of Jesus

I am a Woman after God's Heart.  An Arkansas native, Tammy is happily married to Gerald Anderson for 25 years with five beautiful children, Gerald II, Tamira, Geanna, Talia and Gerran. She enjoys sports, fine dining, game nights with the family, helping others, traveling and acting. “My life is often a stage!’

Clara Redmond.PNG
Clara Redmond
Mary, Mother of James

I am the 3rd child of the late Joe/Janie Fields, wife of Sylvester (Bobo) Redmond going on 51 years, the mother of three adult daughters, grandmother of six and one great grandson. “This is my 2nd production with Sheri W.  My newest great grandbaby will be born in March 2024!”

Dr. Lynne Simpson-Scott.jpg
Dr. Lynne Simpson-Scott

Lynne holds degrees from Langston University (BA), Clark/Atlanta University (MSLS), and the  University of North Texas (PhD). She belongs to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., American Mensa and the Links, Inc. Her daughter attends Meharry Medical College, and her bonus children are teachers in the Oklahoma City Public School System.

Theresa Hubbard.jpg
Theresa Hubbard

Theresa is a member of the Bouldercrest Church and a native of Dayton, Ohio. She met her husband Paul at Simpson St. Church; they have three children and one grandson. Theresa has always had the "acting bug" and her son is now a working  actor in L.A. Theresa is retired from Delta Air Lines. She enjoys sewing, cooking and gardening. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 121.

Naomi Wright.png
Naomi Wright

Born in New Jersey, and a faithful member of the Church of Christ since 1977, her favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13.  Naomi is a motivational speaker, a Global World Travel Advisor, a teacher/supervisor in Early Childhood & Elementary (B.A.) and Higher Education (M.A., ABD) and teaches women's bible study classes.  Married to Minister Ray Wright for 40 years, they worship at Stonecrest COC.

McKenna Major

This is McKenna’s first acting endeavor.  She is a 6th grader at Davis Middle School and a part of the visual arts program. McKenna loves drawing, playing chess and connecting with friends.

Kia Palmer.jpg
Kia Palmer
Woman with the Issue of Blood

Kia Palmer, discovered by a talent agent decades ago feels incredibly blessed as an actress,

singer, director, writer and voiceover talent. Kia enjoys playing basketball, roller skating and

traveling. As a devoted wife, loving mother, and first-time grandmother, Kia is inspired by

the Philippians 4:13 scripture.

Sharon Nelson.jpg
Sharon Nelson

Acting has been my passion since elementary school.  I participated in theater arts in high school and college.  It has been a while since my college acting years, 40 years to be exact; but the stage still evokes a sense of euphoria. I am thrilled to be a part of this Christian production.

Sharon Britton_edited.jpg
Sharon Britton

Looking to add to my enthusiastic non professional acting career, “l decided to step behind the scenes of this awesome production.  The experience has added an even greater insight and appreciation for the extreme hard work and love that goes into what “you  will experience.  “To God Be The Glory."

Nelldra Allen.jpg
Nelldra Allen
Woman Caught In Adultery

Nelldra, born in Frankfurt, Germany, caught the acting bug early on in the 1st grade with a single Christmas play line, "I knew it, I knew it, this is the place!"! From there on she participated in many skits, plays, pageants and other public performances. She loves singing, working with people to purchase and sell real estate. She especially loves spending time with her husband Brian and four kids.

Gloria Okonji.JPG
Gloria Wormley-Williams

Graduate of Troy University, major in Human services. This field is important to me because I enjoy helping others.  Mother of 3 (2 boys and a girl).  I have been a member of the Church of Christ for 29 years.  I am a veteran of the United States Army.  I enjoy the outdoors and traveling.  I currently have a cleaning business.  Someday I hope to publish my book.

Adnie Gaudin.jpg
Adnie Gaudin

Adnie guides women who've had abortions or miscarriages on a healing journey to walk in peace, and godly confidence. Her ministry “Butterfly Kisses” and her book "My Womb My Choice, or So I Thought" will  launch in God’s timing. A christian single mother of two has experienced God’s healing from the pain of abortion and child abuse. Her favorite scriptures are Jeremiah 1:5-10; Romans 12:1-2; John 15:16 and Isaiah 40:31

David Andrews.jpg
David Andrews
The Blind Man’s Friend

David has spent 25 years as a kitchen designer with Lowes corporate. He is a member of Patriot Guard Riders,  S.M.A.R.T. team Stonecrest Church of Christ video production and a member of American Legion Riders Jonesboro Georgia Post 258.

Edmin Williams.jpeg
Edmin Williams
The Blind Man

Edmin is a father, son, entrepreneur and Christian Disciple.

Frederick Bailey.jpg
Fredrick Bailey

Fredrick Bailey is one of the Elders at the Bouldercrest Church of Christ.  He is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in logistics.  He has been married to Edie for 30 years and they have two adult children, a son Collin and daughter Janelle.  He loves history and college football.

Edie Bailey.jpg
Edie Bailey
Pilate's Wife

Edith (Edie) Bailey grew up in Carbondale, Illinois and is a graduate of Robert Morris University in Chicago.  She works as an Administrative Assistant with Children’s Healthcare Cardiology.  Edie and her husband Fredrick have two adult children.  She is an amazing homemade chef and baker.

Olivia Allen.jpg
Olivia Allen

Olivia, an 8 year old 3rd grader, is a native to Lawrenceville GA. She loves singing, dancing, posing in the mirror, and mostly flipping cart wheels around the house. This is her first time in a play, and she hopes not the last!

Norman D. Britton.jpg
Norman D. Britton

Norman is proudly 73 years old. “I can’t really remember how I got started in acting,  but it has been so much fun!  Sheri is a great teacher, and a very good friend.  However, I do think she has stereotyped me with the bad boy roles and I love it!”

Gerald Anderson.jpeg
Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson is an awesome singer, married to his beautiful wife, Tammy for 25 years and father of five.  Gerald enjoys encouraging others, acting, and playing golf.

James Patterson Jr..jpg
James Patterson, Jr.
James, Son of Alphaeus

“I’m delighted to take part in this production. I’ve seen Sister Sheri-Gilbert Wilson direct this play before and thought it was well done. I pray that my role encourages someone to move closer to Jesus. I’ve served as a member of the Lord’s church for 42 years. I’m dedicated to the cause of Christ.”

Adlai Martin.jpg
Adlai Martin

Adlai was born and raised in Detroit, MI and relocated to Georgia in 2017. He’s the seventh child of eleven, raised by amazing parents. “I’m blessed to have a beautiful wife, we’re excited to work together in this play. We have two amazing children, a granddaughter, and a great-grandson.

W. Todd Rhoden.jpg
W. Todd Rhoden
James, Son of Zebedee

Todd is the youngest son of a Church of Christ preacher and has been a preacher since 1994. He’s married to his beautiful wife Cassandra with whom he has a son and a daughter and 10 beautiful grandchildren. They live in Morrow, Georgia and are members of the Bouldercrest Church Of Christ. “I love to ride motorcycles, hunt and fish. This is my first time being in a Stage Play. I'm very excited!”

Ray Wright_edited.jpg
Ray Wright

Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, and baptized in 1964 under Dr.Eugene Lawton, Ray is married to Naomi Matthews and just celebrated 40 years. Graduated New Jersey University (B.A, Music), and M.A Degree in Urban Studies, he was Senior Minister of the Montclair Church of Christ,  New Jersey for 12 years and now resides in Powder Springs, Georgia and is a member of Stonecrest Church of Christ. 

Eddie Williams.jpg
Eddie L. Williams
Simon the Zealot

Eddie is currently the President for PPPW-Printing Packaging Production Workers Union. He attended Bouldercrest Church of Christ for more than 30 years and serves as the Director of Ministry Movement, works with the Visitor Connect Center, and the Marriage Ministry. He enjoys bowling, basketball, serving others and making people laugh.

Mark L. Trent.jpg
Mark L. Trent

Mark is reprising the role as John in this play.  Mark has had key roles in numerous theatrical productions in Memphis, TN as Street Dude in the play "Don't Let it Be Said Too Late" by Romalic Jones, as Kenneth Carrington in the play "An Unpardonable Sin" by Myra Moses and of course in Atlanta GA as Joe in the play "Love" by Sheri Wilson.

Mark Shelton.jpg
Mark Shelton

Mark served in the Air Force (5 years) as an IT specialist. He deployed twice, once to Qatar and Al Dhafra. He also traveled to Dubai, Switzerland, France, & Germany. After the military, in 2019 he relocated to Tampa, FL to continue his IT career at MacDill AFB.  He joined Slamm Management and moved to ATL in 2022 to further his career in entrepreneurship, acting, and personal development.

Roderick Evans.png
Roderick Evans

Roderick Evans has appeared in several theater productions. You may have seen him in “To Love Is To Forgive”, “A Second Chance”, “Time To Make a Change”, and Infomercial “Soul Saver Sneakers”, to name just a few. Roderick studied at DeVry University, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science. A native of Dublin, Georgia, Roderick now lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia with his wife Doreatha of 36 years.

Tomonno Cheeks, Jr..jpeg
Tomonno Cheeks, Jr.

Tomonno is 22 years old, a Christian, actor, former high school football player, and track runner. He loves Acting! It has always been something he wanted to do since he was a little kid. He hopes one day to have the opportunity to become a director.

Virgil O_edited.jpg
Virgil O. McIver
Judas Iscariot

Virgil is a proud active member of the Renaissance Church of Christ.  He has evolved from non speaking roles as an extra in Hollywood, to using his voice to spread the gospel in the 2014 production of Scenes from the Life of Christ.  He believes in providing service to others over self to encourage others to seek God and is looking forward to working in future productions.

Craig Smith, Sr..png
Craig Smith, Sr.
Roman Soldier Cius

Craig serves as an Elder at Hillcrest Church of Christ.  “This production of the life of Jesus Christ is so amazing and I’m thankful to be a part of it to help bring lost souls to the love of God, our Heavenly Father!”

Freddie Cannon Sr..jpeg
Freddie Cannon, Sr.
Roman Soldier Malcus

Freddie is a man of God, retired army veteran and graduate of DeVry University.  He’s a Christian educator/coordinator and Director of Discipleship at Bouldercrest COC.  He’s also a loving and dedicated family man, the father of four and grandfather of five.  He has a passion and dedicated love for the Lord and his people.

Joyce Martin.jpg
Joyce Martin

“I’m very excited to be a part of this great production.” Joyce is blessed to have an awesome husband, two amazing children, a granddaughter and a great-grandson. God and family are her priority in life. Her passion is to encourage others to get to know God for themselves, especially young people.

Khaleesi Fountain.jpg
Khaleesi Fountain

Khaleesi, a 5-year-old kindergartener, was born in New Orleans, LA. She loves singing, making movies on her iPad, talking to her mom and dad, and practicing being kind to others. This is her first play and she looked forward to doing many more.

Donnie W. Taylor.JPG
Donnie W. Taylor

Donnie is happily married for 13 years to Lisa, he is the father of three daughters and enjoys drag racing, playing spades and dominoes. He’s a native of Tennessee. and a member of Stonecrest Church of Christ.

Anthony "Cowboy" Green
Cleopas' friend

Anthony is a dedicated member of Stonecrest Church of Christ and one of the founding members of their SMART audio/video ministry.  Cowboy enjoys music and fellowshipping with the saints.

Alex H. Comer.PNG
Alex H. Comer
Simon of Cyrene

Alex is a first time actor and proud to be part of the production.  He is a native of Maywood, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  Alex has been married for 32 years and is the proud father of an adult daughter. He is a 17 year employee of the City of Atlanta. After witnessing previous Sheri Wilson productions, he believes that this one will be outstanding as well.

Dawn Ledford Parker.jpg
Dawn Ledford Parker
Featured Townsperson

Dawn, a Georgia Peach born and raised, loves meeting new people, trying new things, and singing. She has performed in several church plays. She loves music, plays, Broadway, and enjoying time with family and friends. A Clemson Tiger and Kennsaw Owl, her favorite sport is college football.

Lynn B Smith.JPG
Lynn B. Smith
Featured Townsperson

Lynn is a child of God who strives to love like Christ. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and a retired corporate professional who aims to spread peace and joy in a troubled world.

Screen Shot 2023-12-16 at 10.52.35 PM.png
Maria Reams
Feartured Townsperson

A dedicated Christian and compassionate soul, Maria radiates faith through every facet of life. Grounded in prayer, She is a steadfast believer whose unwavering spirit illuminates the path for others, embodying the teachings of Christ with humility and joy.

Wanda Williams.jpeg
Wanda Williams
Featured Townsperson

Wanda is a 25-year veteran in the field of education.  Serving children has always been her passion.  Just like theater!  In her mind, she’s a superstar but in reality, has always been the behind-the-scenes kind of girl.  She stepped out of her comfort zone in 2020 with her acting debut in a virtual play and is excited about stepping into a live production.

Betty J_edited_edited.jpg
Betty J. Simmons
Featured Townsperson

Betty graciously is 90 years young! Born in St. Louis, MO. One of her biggest accomplishments was graduating from Harris-Stowe State Teachers College in May 1981! “Teaching opened many opportunities for me in my life, and I fell in love with teaching the word of God to younger audiences!”  She is retired and attends Stonecrest Church of Christ.

Delia Prescod.jpg
Delia Prescod
Featured Townsperson

Delia was born in Panama in the Canal Zone.  She’s been a member of the Lord’s body since 1983. She loves sewing and reading, and studying the Word of God. Delia has participated behind the scenes in the previous productions of Scenes in the Life of Christ.

Mia Johnson
Featured Townsperson

Mia has been happily married to Gerald Johnson for 21 years. They share one child, Jocelyn Johnson. She is a member of Bouldercrest CoC. Mia’s degree is in Information Processing. She is currently an Administrative Assistant at Newton County Sheriff’s Office. She loves singing with the Echoes of Love,Catering, Acting, and cooking meals for her Elderly. Her favorite Word from the Lord is, Luke 6:31 Matthew 7:12.

Jocelyn S. Johnson
Featured Townsperson

Jocelyn is the lovely daughter of Gerald and Mia Johnson. She is currently a student at Newton County Stem Academy where she is an A B Honor Roll student.  Her hobbies are singing, dancing, and talking to her friends. Jocelyn is a member of Bouldercrest CoC, and is so happy to be a part of this play that teaches about the life of Jesus Christ.

Henderson Johnson, Sr..jpg
Henderson Johnson Sr.
Featured Townsperson

Henderson Johnson Sr. loves the Lord and His Church. Husband of the Beautiful Nicole L Johnson and they have two sons. He enjoys spending time with my family, movie going, traveling, cycling, exercising and driving sports cars. Most importantly he loves teaching bible class. One of his favorite scripture verses is Romans 1:14-17. This ties into serving the Bouldercrest Church of Christ congregation as a Deacon which is an expression of who he is in his Christiam walk.

Angela Morgan
Featured Townsperson

Angela Fitzhugh Morgan is the proud Mom of three beautiful Daughters, and Grandmother of two beautiful Granddaughters and two handsome Grandsons. Angela uses her creative skills to coordinate, design and create costumes for the many performances of Scenes from the Life of Christ. 

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